As adopted February 10, 2013, amended March 20, 2016, amended January 29, 2017

We, the King County Young Democrats, in order to stimulate in young people an active interest in governmental affairs and promote their involvement at all levels in the Democratic Party, to promote the acquisition of political power by young people, to foster and perpetuate the ideals and principles of the highest degrees of justice and social welfare, do associate ourselves together and establish these bylaws.

Article I – Name

  1. This organization shall be known as King County Young Democrats.
  2. The name, King County Young Democrats, KCYD or any combination, variation or shortening thereof, is a valuable asset belonging to the organization, and shall not be used for the purposes of publicity or sponsorship without proper authorization.

Article II – Membership

  1. Regular Members
    1. Shall be limited to persons who are permanent residents of King County, Washington.
    2. Declare themselves as Democrats and who have not yet turned thirty-six years old.
    3. No criteria other than age, residency or party preference shall be an acceptable reason for exclusion from regular membership.
  2. Alumni Members
    1. Shall be limited to persons who are permanent residents of King County, Washington.
    2. Declare themselves as Democrats and, in general, have previously been regular members of the KCYD and under forty years of age.
    3. Having paid the annual Alumni Membership due as set by a vote of the regular membership, shall be eligible to attend and participate in KCYD events and functions, but ineligible to vote or hold elected office.
    4. No criteria other than residency or party preference shall be an acceptable reason for exclusion from alumni membership.
  3. Supporting Members
    1. Shall be limited to persons who have paid the minimum Supporting Member dues as adopted by a vote of the regular membership.
    2. Shall be eligible to attend KCYD events and functions, but ineligible to participate (voice rights) unless so granted by the regular membership, Executive Board, or Chair.
    3. Shall be ineligible to vote or hold elected office.
  4. Voting Rights
    1. Voting rights shall be granted at the first duly called meeting following the meeting at which an individual eligible for regular membership attends and requests membership.
    2. Voting rights continue until the first meeting of the following year, at which voting rights are continued without break if the member renews membership.
  5. Dues
    1. Regular voting members are required to pay an annual membership fee as set by a vote of the regular membership, except in the case of financial hardship, and to provide a mailing address, birth date, email address and, when available, telephone number.
    2. Dues are valid for the calendar year in which paid, ending at midnight on January 1.
    3. Under no circumstances shall KCYD members, otherwise in good standing, be excluded or discouraged from full participation in the activities of King County Young Democrats on the basis of current status of dues payment.

Article III – Officers

  1. The officers of this organization to be elected every year at the annual KCYD election meeting in February, and their term shall expire at the adjournment of the annual KCYD election meeting.
  2. General duties of all officers
    1. Attend all Executive Board and General Membership meetings unless otherwise excused by the chair.
    2. Attend all KCYD county wide and regional events for the area within which they reside.
    3. Recruit and mentor new members of the King County Young Democrats
    4. Any other duties assigned by the KCYD chair.
  3. The officers and specific duties shall be as follows:
    1. Chair
      1. Chief administrative officer of KCYD
      2. Encourage and coordinate participation of members in local and statewide senior Democratic Party activities
      3. Direct the implementation of policies adopted and authorized by the KCYD Executive Board
      4. Represent KCYD on the Young Democrats of Washington (YDWA) Executive Board
      5. Attend all general and chairs meetings of the KCDCC and represent the interests of KCYD in voice and vote
      6. Represent the KCYD organization in public and report on his/her activities at each KCYD meeting
    2. Vice Chair
      1. Assist the Chair in the performance of the Chair’s duties and serve as Acting Chair in the event of his/her temporary absence.
    3. Treasurer
      1. Maintain records of all receipts and disbursements of funds of the organization in accordance with all KCYD, local, state and federal laws and regulations
      2. Report financial activity at each KCYD meeting
      3. Keep all organizational financial records in order
      4. Shall be responsible for the presentation of new revenue enhancement projects
      5. Coordinate fundraising activities with the Events Director.
    4. Communications Director
      1. Record and distribute minutes of all regular and executive board meetings
      2. Send notification of regular and special general membership and executive board meetings
      3. Maintain all organizational files and records in a safe and orderly manner
      4. Manage KCYD’s Social Media presence
      5. Update the KCYD website and maintain the KCYD MailChimp (or other email database service) account.
      6. Shall execute any newsletters, notices, press releases, etc. at the discretion of the chair
    5. Legislative Director
      1. Keep members informed of issues facing federal, state, and county elected officials
      2. Coordinate with YDWA for the annual Lobby Day
    6. Political Director
      1. Plan the political program of the meetings
      2. Organize the Endorsements process for the meetings for KCYD
    7. King County Democratic Central Committee (KCDCC) Representatives
      1. Two members who do not identify as the same gender shall be elected to these two positions.
      2. KCDCC Representatives shall represent the KCYD on the KCDCC Executive Board, pursuant to KCDCC’s bylaws, and report back to KCYD the activities of KCDCC.
  4. Terms of office for elected officers are one year, with such officers being elected no later than the last Sunday in February of each year, and no earlier than the first meeting of the year. Terms of office for elected officers shall expire at adjournment of the annual KCYD election meeting.
  5. If any KCYD officer fails to attend two consecutive KCYD meetings without being properly excused, the office shall be considered vacant.
  6. A vacancy in the office of Chair shall be filled on an interim basis by the Vice Chair, and then the senior most officer available from Article III, Section 3 till a special election can be held at the meeting immediately following the confirmation of the vacancy.
  7. Vacancies in all other officer positions shall be filled by appointment by the KCYD Chair with the confirmation of the Executive Board.
  8. In the event an executive board member “ages out” prior to May 31 of their term, they shall be replaced by a special election. Any executive board member who “ages out” in June or later shall complete their term of service.

Article IV – Executive Board

  1. The voting members of the KCYD Executive board shall consist of:
    1. The officers listed in Article III, section 3.
    2. Young Democrats at the University of Washington (YDUW) Representative
      1. The Chair of KCYD and the Chair of YDUW shall agree on a representative between the two organizations who shall also serve as a voting member of the KCYD Executive Board.
    3. Campus Representative
      1. The Chair may appoint no more than three Campus Representatives to coordinate with other College/University Democratic Party organizations, and recruit Young Democrats from colleges and universities that are not the University of Washington throughout King County.
  2. The immediate past chair of the King County Young Democrats may serve, at their discretion, as a non-voting member of the Executive Board.:
  3. No member of the Executive Board shall be eligible to cast more than one vote.
  4. A quorum shall consist of 2/3 of the non vacant voting member positions.
  5. The Executive Board will meet at the call of the Chair at least once a quarter.
  6. The Chair will notify the Executive Board by e-mail at least 7 days prior to the date, time and location of the meeting.
  7. The principle power and decision making authority of the organization shall be vested in the Executive Board of the King County Young Democrats except in such matters reserved for the membership.

Article V – Removal of Officers

  1. The process for removal of any officer or regional board member, either elected or appointed, shall be as follows:
    1. Grounds for removal shall be misfeasance, malfeasance, or nonfeasance in the performance of their duties.
    2. A motion for removal must be made at a regular or special meeting of the KCYD. Charges demanding removal shall be referred to the Executive Board to ascertain, by majority vote, whether or not said charges are proper grounds for removal.
    3. If the Executive Board cannot determine by majority vote within fourteen (14) days of the motion for removal that the charges are proper grounds for removal, said charges shall be dropped and stricken from the record.
    4. If removal charges pass Executive Board by a majority vote, the motion for removal shall be placed on the agenda of the next regularly scheduled general membership meeting to take place no more than thirty (30) days following the original filing of removal charges.
    5. Parties calling for the removal of the officer must be present at the KCYD meeting at which the removal motion is considered. The accused officer may attend the meeting or send a representative.
    6. The officer subject to removal must be given the opportunity to respond at or before the meeting at which removal is considered.
  2. Only KCYD members on the official membership rolls before charges were brought to the Executive Board shall be eligible to vote on the motion for removal.
  3. A two-thirds (67%) affirmative vote of those present and eligible to vote shall be required for the removal of an officer.
  4. It is not permissible to dismiss board members because of differences in which candidates they personally support.

Article VI – Meetings

  1. The King County Young Democrats shall meet at the call of the Chair or three of the other elected KCYD officers, at least four (4) times per calendar year. This is a minimum standard, and greater frequency is encouraged.
  2. Notification of membership meetings will be sent via email at least seven (7) days in advance and will include, date, time, and location.
  3. A quorum of a general membership meeting shall consist of at least seven (7) KCYD members in good standing, including, at minimum, two elected KCYD officers.
  4. Communications Director is in charge of maintaining sign-in sheets.
  5. No proxy voting shall be allowed.

Article VII – Amendment Procedure

  1. Amendments to these bylaws shall be adopted only by three-fourths (3/4) affirmative vote of members attending the general board meeting.
  2. Amendments to these bylaws shall become effective immediately after adjournment of the meeting.
  3. Notice of at least seven (7) calendar days of potential amendments, with a description of which bylaws may be amended, shall be required in order to proceed to a vote on amendment of these bylaws.
  4. Only those bylaws for which notice has been given, or those that are germane, shall be considered during a meeting with notice pursuant to Artical VII(3). Amendments to other portions of these bylaws during such a meeting shall be ruled out of order by the Chair, and placed for consideration at the meeting the following month.

Article VIII – Endorsement Procedure

To receive the KCYD endorsement, candidates must complete the endorsement process defined below:

  1. Endorsements will be considered during special Endorsement Meetings in May and September, only; members’ credentials will only be issued upon a call of division with three seconds or if the chair deems it necessary.
  2. Only regular members may make motions, or speak to any motions. Non regular member speakers may be permitted if the Chair deems it in the interest of the general membership, or by a majority vote of the general membership.
  3. Speeches for candidates and ballot measures will be limited to two for and two against, limited to no more than two minutes per speech, and no less than thirty seconds per speech.
  4. Only candidates and ballot measures with jurisdiction wholly within the State of Washington, and wholly or partially within King County, shall be eligible for endorsement.
  5. Endorsements require a two-thirds (2/3) supermajority of members present and voting.
  6. If a candidate is endorsed in the May endorsements meeting, and succeeds in the primary, no more consideration for that race may be made, except when an endorsement is rescinded.
  7. Endorsement may be rescinded or withdrawn by a three quarters (3/4) supermajority of members present and voting.
  8. Any motion to rescind must be made to the Chair at least 21 days in advance of the last Sunday of the month when the motion is expected by the maker to be heard. The Chair must provide notice to the candidate or campaign at least 14 days before the actual meeting that the motion will be heard. The motion must be heard during the next general membership meeting that would be the expected meeting to the maker of the motion.
  9. Motions for sole endorsement shall be out of order at all times.
  10. Motions for dual endorsement may only be made if/when all other eligible candidates are considered individually.
  11. The Chair or their designee shall attempt to notify the candidate or ballot measure seeking endorsement of a position of their endorsement status within fourteen (14) days of a meeting wherein it is considered
  12. Endorsements can be tabled for the following endorsements meeting, or indefinitely, depending on the will of the body present.

Article IX – Policy

  1. It shall be the policy of this organization to endeavor to uphold all ideals set forth in these bylaws and by the Democratic Party.
  2. This organization will charter and become a part of the Young Democrats of Washington each chartering period, and endeavor to carry on the work of that organization within King County, Washington.
  3. This organization seeks a cooperative relationship with the Washington State and King County Democratic Central Committees and shall be guided by the actions of the Democratic Party assembled in county, state, or national convention.

Article X – Parliamentary Authority

  1. The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern actions of this organization in all cases in which they do not conflict with this organization’s bylaws or standing rules or with the constitution, bylaws, or standing rules of the Young Democrats of Washington State.


Member Dues

  1. Regular Members: $20
    The cost may be lowered per member on a case by case bases due to that member’s financial need, at the discretion of the chair.
  2. Alumni Members: $40

2017KCYDBylawsFINAL in PDF Form