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A heartfelt plea from our Legislative Director, Amina Abdalla, on the housing crisis

“After graduating from college I struggled for nearly a year to simply find an affordable place to live. The job I was working at the time, although it paid okay, it did not pay enough for me to be able to afford a modest one-bedroom apartment. Like many young people, I lived with my parents for a while before giving up on my dreams to live on my own and deciding to find a roommate. I come from a low income family, so continuing to live with my parents was not an option for me especially since we are a big family and the house was already extremely crowded.”

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Attend the YDA Convention with KCYD!

The Young Democrats of America are holding their spring convention in Boise, Idaho! This is a great opportunity for us in Washington State, because we’re so close geographically. The King County Young Democrats are organizing a group to attend the YDA Convention together. We are committed to providing funding for those who might find the cost prohibitive.

November 2021 Meeting Notes

We reviewed election results, passed our code of conduct, signed onto a letter to the PDC, endorsed the Schools First campaign for the February 2022 special election, and planned some future events!