About Us

This organization is open to King County residents under the age of 36 who declare themselves to be a Democrat. We aim to stimulate an active interest in governmental affairs and help young voters influence elections. We only endorse candidates who uphold the progressive social and economic policies our county values.

KCYD Meetings use Robert’s Rules of Order. Find an easy cheat sheet here.

Executive Board

Chair: Maliq Phakdymanivong

Maliq started his journey in politics in high school by participating in the Junior State of America, where he eventually was elected to represent the Inland Empire Region of the Pacific Northwest State as Mayor. After graduating from UW, Maliq decided to turn his passion for politics into a career and joined a local Seattle campaign as their Field Organizer and Digital Media Manager. Maliq now works as a legislative aide where he researches policy, manages communications, and is the point of contact for constituents. His goal by the end of his career is to know that he was able to open the door for underrepresented folks to the world of politics and local government.

Email: maliq.phakdymanivong@kcyd.com

Vice Chair: Kamil Zaidi

Kamil is a high school senior at Redmond High School in Redmond, WA. Since discovering the world of politics in 7th grade, his passion and enthusiasm for making the world a better place has led him to take on a number of roles, including Events Director for the Young Democrats of Washington, elected PCO for the King County Democrats, Vice Chair for the Washington State High School Democrats, Vice Chair and KCYD Representative for the 45th Legislative District, and Vice Chair and former Acting Chair for KCYD. His plan for the future is to find more ways to continue to serve his community, and is excited for the year ahead!

Email: kamil.zaidi@gmail.com

Treasurer: Unfilled Position

Our Executive Board is looking to fill the role of Treasurer. If you are interested in being more involved with KCYD, please send your resume to maliq.phakdymanivong@kcyd.org.

Communications Director: Isabella Maffei

Isabella is from Portland OR and moved to king county for school in 2019. She is graduating in 2023 as a Public Affairs and Political Science Major at Seattle University and has managed several local political campaigns in Western Washington. She was also an intern for State Senator Joe Nguyen during the 2022 session. On the weekends she likes to garden and work as a barista

Deputy Communications Director: Unfilled Position

Our Executive Board is looking to fill the role of Deputy Communications Director. If you are interested in being more involved with KCYD, please send your resume to isabella.maffei@kcyd.com

Legislative Director: George Vadino

George is excited to be returning to the KCYD Executive Board after having previously served as KCYD’s At-Large Director for South King County. Before Joining KCYD in 2017, George graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in Political Science and Sociology. In addition to his work with KCYD, George currently serves as Vice-Chair of the Federal Way Parks and Recreation Commission and formerly served on the 30th District Democrats Executive Board. He has worked on and managed a variety of political campaigns including managing the re-election campaign of Federal Way City Councilmember Lydia Assefa-Dawson.

Political Director: Jesse JudahBram

Jesse moved to King County from the Chicago suburbs in 2018. Currently, he is a Youth Organizer for OneAmerica and president of the Redmond Youth Partnership Advisory Committee. Jesse enjoys hiking, listening to music, and creating art in his free time.

KCDCC Representative: Julian Mydlil

Julian has lived in King County since 2007, where he has done all of his schooling. He first became involved in politics when he began attending city council meetings several years ago. In the 2021 election cycle, he worked as a field fellow on Sarah Perry’s campaign for King County Council. In the 2022 cycle, he was a field organizer with the state party before shifting to Leesa Manion’s crucial campaign for King County Prosecuting Attorney. Currently vice chair, he became a board member on Issaquah’s Transportation Advisory Board in early 2021. Aside from politics, he enjoys hiking in the Issaquah Alps and biking.