January 2022 E-Board Meeting Notes

The official copy of the meeting notes can be found here.

  1. Introducing our 2022 KCYD E-Board 
  • Chair: Yuan tao
  • Vice Chair: Dan Tran 
  • Communications Director: Matthew Wieck
  • Legislative Director: Amina Abdalla
  • Political Director: Matthew Lang
  • Eastside At-large: Rachid Erekaini
  1. Preferred method of communication
  • Discord
  1. Discussion on problems young dems face in politics
  • Access to power
  • Disenchantment, feeling as if they’re unable to affect change
  • Not knowing where to start, awareness of organizations/opportunities 
  • Day to day life issues with school, work, debt 
  • Unable to access opportunities or positions of power in LDs
  1. Goals for 2022
  • GOTV engagement project, education around important legislation
  • 2022 GOTV events 
  • Membership retention and recruitment, continue to develop a volunteer base
  • Debates 
  • Support KCYD alumni
  • Fun events!
  1. Discussion on what to avoid
  • Over-stretching our bandwidth
  • Opaque endorsement process 
  • “Cliquey-ness”
  1. Rough calendar plan
  • January 30th first general membership meeting
  • Legislative session ends March 5th
  • Mid-March casual event
  • May 20th filing deadline 
  • Endorsement meeting the week of May 22nd
  • August 2nd primary 
  • November 8th general election 
  1. Board/membership meeting schedule
  • Next Sunday January 30th General membership 
  • Board will plan to meet quarterly