November 2021 Meeting Notes

The official copy of the meeting notes can be found here.

  1. Open KCYD board position with 43rd LD Democrats – email for more information
  1. Election Results Summary from Yuan Tao
  1. Legislative Preview from Matthew Lang
    • YDWA workgroup meeting – will be sending out an email
    • Next Saturday
    • Putting together priorities for the session
  1. Code of Conduct
    • Please review the drafted Code of Conduct here. Thanks to Nicole for drafting this up, along with Chase Cross and Matthew Kanter for additionally reviewing it.
  1. Signing onto the grassroots lobbying letter to PDC from Nicole Palczewski
    • Please review the letter here. In summary, the PDC has proposed new legislation (which can be found here) that increases the PDC reporting requirements, especially on “grass roots lobbying campaigns.”
    • Passed by acclamation – nicole to email campaign
  1. Endorsing Schools First campaign
  1. Planning future events before the end of the year
    • December Holiday Party and Re-organization of Board
      • Re-org at the discretion of the chair by acclamation
      • December holiday part – gift game thing
      • Possible location space up in U-District for no rental fee
        • Optimism Brewery also an option
        • December 18th ~5pm
      • Paul to help
      • Mike to help
      • Dan to help
      • Rebeca to help
    • Group trip to Duwamish Longhouse (or other group event)
      • Mike suggesting: ice skating in Bellevue (perhaps in January)