KCYD Statement: Tacoma Police Department incident on South 9th St. and Pacific Ave.

The King County Young Democrats of Washington state deplores the actions of the Tacoma police department and the officer who drove through a crowd, resulting in injuries and leaving residents in fear. KCYD condemns all forms of police brutality leading to such circumstances and putting people’s lives in danger — specifically Black lives, who unfortunately are at more risk for injury and death due to the actions of law enforcement.

We also condemn the senseless use of force against civilians, including peaceful protestors. KCYD is very hopeful that the situation did not lead to any fatalities. However, we are deeply concerned with the ongoing use of force against Black Lives in Tacoma, throughout Washington state, and the United States as a whole.

Finally, our thoughts and hearts are with those who were injured and traumatized by the incident. KCYD recommends collective efforts to ensure police accountability and efforts to reform the justice system. We strongly support the commitment and cooperation of the Tacoma Police Department for an independent investigation of the incident. We will continue to monitor the ongoing investigation. We stand in solidarity with victims of police brutality and reaffirm that all Black lives matter.